Rebecca Meriwether Cooper Klyce
17 June 1993 - 31 December 2000

Rebecca Klyce died at home in Memphis TN, 31 December 2000. She apparently suffered a sudden cardiac arrhythmia, although an autopsy found no obvious cause of death. She may have been slightly affected by Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. She was a first-grader at St. George's Day School. Her life was loving, joyful, generous, adventurous, unconventional and musical.

Rev. Burton Carley conducted the memorial service for Rebecca on 6 January 2001, at Idlewild Presbyterian Church, following the printed Order of Service. A story about Rebecca, "This child of God grasped the simplest faith," by David Waters, appeared in the Memphis Commercial Appeal, 7 January, and in the Greenwood, Mississippi Commonwealth, 12 January 2001. At the dedication of an oak tree planted in her memory, 15 April 2001, her family read the poem "Never Again Would Birds' Song Be the Same," by Robert Frost. A poem, "Bless Me As I Am," came 30 September 2002, from a friend of a friend of Rebecca's. Another poem by the same poet, Uncle Jongo, "For No Reason At All," came 15 December 2008.

She leaves her parents, Brig and Ellen, a sister, Polly, 17, a brother, Walter, 12, and Sheila Griggs, who cared for her. The family requests that any memorials be sent to

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With Mammaw
With Sheila
With bottle
With Lee Bowman
In baby clothes
Watermelon hat
A kiss from Walter
In stripes
In a stack
Gimme that hat
In pink
Corn on the cob
2 Baby Teeth
Summer day
Stroller nap
Pool party
No more pictures!
Walking lessons
After lunch
Christmas 1994
Christmas present
At the beauty shop
Seeing seals
Gingham dress
Swim to Mom
Ready to slide
White Rose girl
At the book-signing
Five Santas
Cap and fleece
See food
At the Zoo
With Barbara
Cap and sunglasses
Oshkosh and sunglasses
On the Mississippi
Fourth of July
Tumbledown Dick
The Fire Tower
Ready to ski?
On Bald Peak
Uncle Herbert
Ready for launch
In glasses with Sheila
With the girls
With Karen and Murray
In the kitchen sink
By a tree at the zoo
Buntyn Level 1
Sketch by Dad
Halloween witch
Wicked piano
Dodie and RoRo
Guess who?
Decorating the tree
In the snow
Robert's birthday
With Sarah
Feeding Henry
Florida Keys
Doll's bedtime
In the kitchen
Walter pushing
A present for Mom
Queen for a Day
With Sarah and Abby
In the hammock
With Sheila 2
Pine Creek, Montana
The Beartooth Highway
Paradise Valley
Beartooths at sunset
Paradise Valley 2
A nap in the shade
Hidden Valley
Atop Mount Major
Driving the boat
On Winnipesaukee
Uncle Herbert
After a bath
A happy girl
Dash and Ricardo
I'll Have a Blue...
On Sesame Street
School Pic
Murray and Cardo
Thanksgiving 1997
Christmas 1997
In white overalls
How does it work?
Barefoot at Christmas
With Ricardo
Fisher Rebecca
Spinning in teacups
Sarasota beach
Story time
Nap time
Good cooks
Miss Susan's Class
With Abby
Ready to go on
Three Piggy Opera
After Performance
Polly's backpack
With George
Testing new doll
Baggage handler
San Diego
San Diego
Dancing with Dad
Forest elf
Caught a trout
Floating the Yellowstone
With Walter
With Polly
Dressup time
Silly hat
Fashion model
Four models
Tough enough
Beautiful dancer
Handprint tile
Cowboy fisherman
Grand Cayman
Grand Cayman
Playing Gameboy
A big turtle
Parasailing trio
After parasailing
With Rebecca and Adam
Easter Bunny
With Walter and Karen
Upside down
Flathead Lake
Treehouse climb
Cupcake winner
With Peter Drowne
With Almandine
Ready for kindergarten
Family picnic
At the picnic
Running on the beach
Cannonball flip
Another present
After a cry
Balancing act
In sunlight
Cotton harvest
Dash gets the paper
Soccer player
With antlers
With Ms. Moss
A bath
Queen of the tireswing
With Craig
With Chris
With Mom
Fisher Rebecca
Atop Haleakala
In Hawaii
In Hawaii
Vacation tattoo
Day in the Woods
Mary Poppins
In disguise
The red team
Into the pool
Skating with Polly
Atop Mt. Aeneas
Descending Mt. Aeneas
Feeding the trout
Sanding birdfeeder
Snake puzzle
Hiking with Meriwether
In Birch Lake
Floating the Swan
Glacier Bay
Funny reflection
Rebecca Maury
Gaucho girl
Ready for first grade
Labor Day Weekend
Another flip
Dad is 52
At Miss Eddie's
A giraffe
Dragon ride
Gagging Walter
Swinging with Sarah
Halloween princesses
Halloween date
Tooth Fairy
Tireswinging together
"Person" by Rebecca
Jedi Knight
"Lady with Boat"
With Santa
With Michelle
Piece of ice
Christmas Jeep
With Reese
With Mom
Rebecca's flowers
Rebecca's room
Portrait by Sayle
Rebecca's Light by Herbert
Boardwalk at St. George's
Chalice at the Church of the River
Tree at the Church of the River
Tree from Bridgforths
By Rebecca's tree
Portrait by Neville
At Rebecca's Light