Bless Me As I Am

Some say Rebecca died too young,
but not the ones she lived among.
They knew she lived just long enough
to change the world for good.

Her chin was orange with Cheetos dust.
She seemed to have the angels' trust.
No matter where her brain would lead
her body rarely followed.

While jumping rope she tripped herself.
She danced just like a ticklish elf.
And when she sang a bit off-pitch
her voice would fill the room.

She put her hat on upside down,
Smiled and twirled around and round,
ran to me and hugged my neck,
and then she disappeared.

When winter's grip is cold and hard,
I'll find a star in my front yard...
Rebecca sends it, I'm convinced,
to bless me as I am.

by Uncle Jongo

Rebecca Meriwether Cooper Klyce