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Mathematics of Evolution by Fred Hoyle
Acorn Enterprises LLC, Memphis TN / 1999 / ISBN 0-9669934-0-3 / $18

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Fred Hoyle's Mathematics of Evolution follows the tradition of Haldane, Fisher, Wright, Kimura and Maynard Smith by using mathematics to probe darwinian evolution. Hoyle's writing is straightforward, accessible and engaging as ever, and his conclusions challenge the established view.

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Mathematics of Evolution Walter ReMine, Greg Irwin and others have reviews at
Stephen E. Jones comments, 23 Jan 2000.
A Knighted Astronomer's Fight Against Neo-Darwinism... by Gert Korthof, 10 Oct 1999, updated 3 Dec 2004.
Errata have a dedicated webpage.
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Hoyle and Wickramasinghe's Analysis of Interstellar Dust lists some Selected Resources.
A reply from Walter Remine to Arthur S. Lodge makes useful comments about the book, 29 Nov 2001.
NEW A Russian Language edition is available, 2012.
NEW Scientific Sense on Sex [scroll down to titled article], by Thomas Phillips, Ph.D, Harvard Magazine, Sep-Oct 2016.

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