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Brig Klyce Interviewed
by Tom Barbalet

2 Sep 2006
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The Evolution Prize

The Evolution Prize, when fully established, will honor and reward a demonstration of Open-Ended Evolutionary Innovation in a Closed, or Quarantined, System. The first demonstration would most logically come from an Artificial Life (computer-based) model, because computers are fast.

The plan for the prize was first announced at the Artificial Life 10 Conference at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, 3-7 June 2006. It was also presented at the Wolfram Science Conference in Washington DC, 16-18 June 2006, and at the Cosmic Dust and Panspermia, Conference at Cardiff University, 5-8 September 2006. One- and two-page conference abstracts with more about the prize are availabe in two formats, linked at left. Some of the followup discussion is also linked at left. Informed participation via email is welcome. (Mention "Evolution Prize" in the subject.)

Without a demonstration in some medium, it is reasonable to ask, is Open-Ended Evolutionary Innovation in a Closed System Posssible? One purpose of the prize is to increase awareness of this unanswered question.

The prize is sponsored by the Astrobiology Research Trust of Memphis, Tennessee.