Replies to Cosmic Ancestry, 2018

...the scientific process is prone to human frailties, including vanity, envy, competition, greed, and narcissism. Anyone who claims that these things don't exist in science is either lying or willfully ignorant. — Mark C. Serreze, p 1340, Science, 23 Mar 2018.

first civilization | from George Nickas | 20 Apr 2018

Brig, the question posted on Panspermia about another civilization on Earth pre-dating our own is interesting but a better question†is how many civilizations have there been in the universe, which pre-date our own.† The sheer statistics of it I believe suggest that humans†are likely very much a†johnny-come-lately in the vast arena of the cosmos.† Here is one such answer to the question supporting that view.
There Have Probably Been Billions of Alien Civilizations by Rob Quinn,, 07 May 2016.
What signature would our civilization leave?, the related posting of 16 Apr 2018.

Origins of Life | from Zach Burton | 24 Mar 2018

Hi Brig, ...It was great to meet you in Galveston. That was a great meeting.
Iíve written a book on ancient evolution of life that might be of interest to you....
Best regards, Zach Burton | Professor | MSU

Evolution Since Coding (2-page book-promotion PDF)
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